Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This and That

A very random post to keep me going on this new little adventure...

1.  I'm super excited for one of my best friends to move back to town this weekend.  We've been friends for 25 years and it will be nice to have her close again!!

2.  The massive amounts of rain we've been getting for the last 24 hours is awesome.  We needed the moisture and it's a great transition to fall.

3.  The downfall to all this rain...well I work for a construction company and all of our projects are now shut down because you can't work in the rain.  This means that we have employees not earning a paycheck and jobs that are getting behind schedule.

4.  I spent about 6 hours yesterday getting caught up on homework.  I'm hoping that I don't get behind again.

5.  I will spend time this weekend trying to figure out how to add pictures and pretty to this blog.

Happy Wednesday!!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely little update! It probs feels good to be all caught up on homework today at least! And boo to the rain! hope it clears up to relieve your work stress. Have fun prettying up the blog! Great project for sure. (PS-Want to win a pair of shoes? Enter at