Monday, October 10, 2011

What A Weekend!!

Whew...what a weekend!  I really need to get better about taking pictures but this weekend there just didn't seem to be anytime for that.

One of my BFF's moved back this weekend and it was CRAZY getting her settled...well she's still not settled.  She drove in Friday night (about a 4 hour drive) and got here in the pouring down rain with the bed of her truck full of "stuff" that was at this point soaking wet.  We unload the truck and spend the rest of the evening having a few alcoholic beverages with friends and relaxing...there may have been a few games of beer pong played that night as well.

Saturday we wake up in a freezing cold house and start the day cleaning and organizing.  Oh my word that house was a mess!!!  You see...she moved in with her boyfriend and his buddy and it seems those boys didn't know how to dust!!! 

We live in the country, we wear cowboy boots and jeans...we haul hay and feed horses and get dirty.  Why do I tell you this?  Well, Saturday afternoon as we are cleaning house the phone rings and we are asked to jump in the truck and drive south about 5 miles to help they guys...they've just lost 140 bales of hay off the trailer on the side of the road.

This is kind of what the load looked like to start...except taller.  And more than half of that load was on the side of the road when we got there.  We spent two hours on the side of the road re-loading hay on the trailer.  After that whole incident we decided that a few alcoholic beverages were needed Saturday night as well.  Nothing better than a cold Coors Light after a long day of cleaning and hauling hay.

Yesterday was spent cleaning my house and all of us doing homework followed by hanging blinds at Christy's new house (remember...this house has been occupied by two boys for a long time and they've lived there with no coverings on the windows).  Us girls have decided that their house will take time but we will make it livable.

Not a really exciting weekend...nothing super fun and crazy.  Just a run of the mill weekend for a group that lives in the country and has a laid back life.

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