Monday, November 14, 2011

Horse Races, 4-Wheeling, and a Fight

We're country...we don't do many of the things that most people do.  I started my weekend early on Friday by heading to the race track to watch my brother's horse race the last race of the season...which ended up being his last race ever for us.  His last few races haven't had such a great outcome and Friday after he came in dead last with a swollen knee and a major limp we decided to have X-Rays done.  We found out he has seven bone chips in his knee making it impossible to keep him on the track so the decision was made to sell him...don't worry, we have something like 11 other horses to fill the void.

After the races we decided to go do a little bit of back-roading and 4-wheeling.  We piled in the truck with a cooler and some awesome tunes and spent the next 4 hours just driving around the ditch banks and having a fun, relaxing, drama free evening.  Rodney Atkins song "Take A Back Road" sums up our evening.

I woke up Saturday morning with a fever and chills and feared the worst but after some lunch and shopping with a great friend I felt tons better.  We decided that fight night at my brothers was necessary and there was tons of food, family, and friends to enjoy the evening.  We even followed that up with a little karaoke at our favorite little home town "bar".

All in all it was a good weekend...once again with no pictures.  One of these days.

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