Friday, November 11, 2011

What I've been up to...

October seems like it just flew by!!!  So much has gone on and I feel like it even though it's happened to me and around me I've missed part of it. 

I've been working and going to school like crazy.  It's been busy at work...and at school.  I've got 3 or 4 weeks left for school this semester and have been working on final projects (no tests for me just projects!!).  All the homework and time spent at work means my house has been neglected and is in serious need of some cleaning.

We found out one of my friends is pregnant!  There's been drama surrounding that whole situation that's kept everyone a little busy...

Back to the work thing...we did a little re-organization and I have a new boss...and a new cubicle to call home.  Let's hope we all get adjusted and back to our regular schedule. 

Oh...and the fun stuff.  I went last weekend up to a friends ranch in the northern part of the state.  It was a really fun trip!!  It was a very cold trip...we got to see our first real snow of the season, the day after we left it snowed at least a foot.  We messed with the yearling cows...tried to decide which ones to keep and which ones everyone could stand to see go.  A buddy smoked some pork and we had a pretty big party in the garage...lots of beer, some delicous food, card games and a little bit of flip cup.  The weekend ended with me getting very little sleep but it was worth it.

Up next, getting ready for our Vegas trip!  It's 3 weeks away and I can hardly stand it.

I need to get better about taking pictures...and learn the best way to post them.

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