Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Happenings

I had another crazy eventful weekend.  Just like Christmas week we started on Thursday with a birthday party for my brother (his birthday is NYE but we were all going to be scattered in different places so we partied early).  We went back to our local hangout and enjoyed each others company until they kicked us out.  I had Friday and Monday off so I started my day Friday packing up and running a couple of errands before heading out to a friends ranch to enjoy a weekend without phones, driving, and crazy people. 

We went to a little cantina Friday night and had a blast!!  We drank and talked and watched a little UFC...which seemed really odd in this little cantina in this tiny tiny town. 

Saturday we got up and got to prepping food for the New Years Eve festivities.  We had way more food than needed.  We got ourselves ready and headed across to the party house...10 miles away.  Did I mention that there was tons of snow and plenty of muddy slick roads?  I'm talking 3' snow drifts.  Well all those slick country roads led to this...

Yea...I slid off the road...I'm talking totally stuck...not moving anywhere.  It made for a not great start to the celebration.  Although, I got over it quickly and proceeded to the festivities of the night (which included a late night trip to get my truck out of the ditch after every thing froze.  That's the joys of ranch life?!

We enjoyed our evening and took NO pictures...well none that are worth showing at least.  Counted down to midnight and made it to bed not long after.

Sunday morning I came home and cleaned up and headed to Chili's to continue my New Years celebrations with a friend who came in from Colorado...we drank and ate...  And I was at home in bed by 7:30!!  Apparently I had to much fun all weekend.

My time off on Monday included sleeping in, running errands, and putting up fence for horses.  Nothing too exciting.

I'm back to work and crazy busy but will be out next week in Houston for work for a few days.

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