Friday, January 13, 2012

Short Week in the Office

I'm so glad it's Friday!!  I've been out it a little all week.  I was traveling for work and that always throws off my schedule.  I left Sunday for Houston and got home Wednesday night.  I had 3 days worth of new software training and while it was very was VERY boring and made for extremely long days!!!  I did get to see one of my great friends that I hadn't seen in years which made the whole trip worth while.  I mean the guy lives in Austin and works about half way between Austin and Houston and he drove over to see me and take me to dinner.  I'm definitely going to have to make a trip to Austin just to visit later this year!!

So, being out of the office for three days makes for a very stressful two day week in the office.  Last night I felt the need to a little dancing and music so I headed to the bar with some friends to see Roger Creager and drink and dance the night away...made 5:30 this morning a little rough.

I'm working all day today and then hoping for an amazing weekend.  Christy is coming down from Denver to celebrate her birthday and we intend on doing lots of celebrating.  Drinks tonight, bar tomorrow night and Sunday I'm hosting football and food at my house!  Hope it's a great weekend for everyone!

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