Monday, February 13, 2012

Very Relaxing Weekend

Aren't those weekends when you have asolutely no plans and do very little the best?!?!

Friday night was me, my couch, a blanket, my dogs and some TV time.  I don't usually watch much TV but had some shows logged on my DVR and it seemed like the perfect time to watch them.  One Tree Hill...I became addicted to that show a couple of seasons ago, Teen Mom 2 (don't even get me started on why I like this one), and the new show was pretty good.  I've not set the DVR to record the whole Smash series and want to keep up with that one.  By about 9:30 it was lights out and I was all cozy in my bed.

Saturday I got a manicure and pedicure and ran some laundry and did absolutely nothing else.  I laid in bed taking cat naps and watching Beverly Hills 90210 and Gilmore Girls.  Could a day be any better?  Saturday evening I went to a friends house to watch some movies and get ready for a little bit of bar time.  We waited for friends to get off work and ventured to our little local bar for some pools and adult beverages.  I have to admit by midnight we were all ready to go home and call it a night!

Yesterday I stayed in bed till NOON!!  (Most laying around I've done in probably 3 months!!) I put dinner in the crockpot and headed to the grocery store to get some last minute items I need for the week.  Wal Mart is the closest grocery store and just about 1/2 mile from my was CRAZY on a Sunday afternoon.

I got home, put away groceries and laid back down to read and be a bum.  I spent the evening eating dinner, watching the Grammy's and trying to get a few chores done on the commercial breaks! 

All in all a great weekend...just wish they were one day longer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving

Things I'm loving today...

I'm loving that it's the middle of the close I can see the weekend.

I'm loving the fact that I don't have any plans this weekend which means anything can happen...including nothing!

I'm loving that last night was a very enjoyable night with some good friends.

I'm loving that my car should be fixed this week and I can be done with those problems.

I'm loving some good Red Dirt music and the fact that maybe, just maybe, I'm going to see Casey Donahew tomorrow night!

I'm loving so many things that I could go on for days!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Ramblings

It's been a while since I has been busy.  Just a few random ramblings for this Tuesday.
  • I think I'm fighting getting sick.  Achy body, freezing cold for 3 straight days, and can't get rested...makes for a very unhappy girl.
  • Of course, this could be caused by my crazy fun filled weekend and lack of sleep I got for two days.
  • Best friends, team ropings, food, and drinks...great way to spend a weekend.  Even when it is really cold outside and you have to wear two jackets at the roping.
  • Emails from Afghanistan make me smile.  Just to know someone is ok and hearing from them is the greatest.
  • Late night phone calls from guys make me smile too!!  I love all my friends!!
  • I'm NOT looking forward to Valentines Day!!  I'm fine with being alone...I'm not fine with all the people who aren't alone fussing over what they get/don't get from their significant other. 
  • Don't hate me for the last point...I mean it's great if you get things but if that significant other were that great they wouldn't just do these nice things on Valentines Day...year round guys!
  • It's almost two hours in to my work day and I've done abouttt..10 minutes worth of work!  That's what I call a good day!!
Ok...I've rambled enough.  Until the next time!