Friday, March 23, 2012

Blow Dryer Dilema

I ran in to problems this morning while trying to rush to get ready!  My 2 year old Chi blow dryer stopped blowing hot air!!!!  After waking up late and dragging my toosh around the house a few times to wake up I start to dry my hair.  Now, I usually take about 15 minutes to dry, flat iron, and finish my hair and get dressed....the last 15 minutes of my morning before I run out the door to start my insanely crazy days. 

So, this morning I have 10 minutes and here I am half of my head of hair dry and no hot air!!!  Panic almost sets in, I don't what to do.  I mean, my semi wavy, looks like trash if I don't dry it hair cannot be seen on half of my head all day!!!  And then I remember this tiny, half works, travel blow dryer that blows your hair into a mess of knots and frizz but it will have to do.  I only left 5 minutes late with a little extra frizz!

Now I have to decide on a new blow dryer.  I loved my Chi, it worked wonders on my hair.  But I've heard some great things about the HANAair.  Do I go across town to Ulta and buy a new Chi or fork over some extra money and order a Hana?  Then if I order a Hana I must make a trip to Wal-Mart or Walgreens to pick up a cheap-o dryer to use in the mean time.  Decisions, decisions...

Monday, March 12, 2012

What a Weekend!!

This weekend was filled with a whole lot of nothing and it was WONDERFUL!!!  We went out of town and spent the weekend at a friends ranch.  The plan was to hit up the little town bar Friday night, spend Saturday out driving around the ranch and Saturday night grill steaks and have some friends out to celebrate good times.  Well as it turned out it snowed almost all weekend long so we ended up not driving around the ranch.

Friday night at the bar it ended up being three of my friends and I...and the bartender, who for some reason allowed us to keep him there way past his bed time.  It was after midnight when we left and the poor guy had to go to his other job 100 miles away Saturday morning.

Saturday we laid around the house and watched movies and were complete bums until time to get ready and start cooking.  Steaks, corn, spinach casserole, the BIGGEST baked potatoes (stuffed with onion and wrapped in bacon before baked), and rolls.  Amazing dinner!!!  And yes we grilled steaks in below freezing weather, the snow had stopped so we thought it was ok.  We hung out with friends and laughed at the silliness of our friends 2 year old and made it to bed at what we thought was a decent hour.

Sunday we drove home, the drive isn't bad just about an hour and a half, but after a fun filled weekend I was ready for a nap.  My nap lead to a very unproductive Sunday night but it was a well deserved weekend of rest and relaxation.  I'm ready for the next ranch weekend and a surprise birthday party for a friend.

Friday, March 2, 2012


It's finally Friday...and I'm finally feeling a little bit better.  I was out of work Tuesday and Wednesday, felt like I was on my last leg.  I finally went to to urgent care on Thursday...luckily I got there 30 minutes before they opened because by the time they unlocked their doors there was 5 of us waiting.  So, first one in and I came out with antibiotics, cough syrup with codeine, and tessalon pearls, oh and a follow up appointment schedule for next week to make sure it's cleared up. 

Anyways, I'm back at it, working at about 50% of my normal and hoping the day goes fast.

I hadn't been on here in a while so I decided I would write today.  As, I was driving to work and stopped for a breakfast burrito, I started digging in my purse to find my wallet.  It was determined at that point that I must make my first order of business this morning cleaning out my purse. 

It doesn't look like much when it's all spread out on my desk but it was a chore finding things.  7 pens / pencils, make up, prescriptions, a handful of keys, 2 cell phones, a little calendar, 5 Hour Energy drink, brush, hair spray, lotion, and Del Taco hot sauce...6 packets. 

Who carries hot sauce in their purse, well, apparently I do but only because while driving home from the bar last weekend my friends decided they needed food and that my purse was the best place for the condiments.

And now...I can actually zip it closed.

Nice relaxing weekend planned this weekend, bed shopping and laying around trying to completely get over this illness.