Monday, March 12, 2012

What a Weekend!!

This weekend was filled with a whole lot of nothing and it was WONDERFUL!!!  We went out of town and spent the weekend at a friends ranch.  The plan was to hit up the little town bar Friday night, spend Saturday out driving around the ranch and Saturday night grill steaks and have some friends out to celebrate good times.  Well as it turned out it snowed almost all weekend long so we ended up not driving around the ranch.

Friday night at the bar it ended up being three of my friends and I...and the bartender, who for some reason allowed us to keep him there way past his bed time.  It was after midnight when we left and the poor guy had to go to his other job 100 miles away Saturday morning.

Saturday we laid around the house and watched movies and were complete bums until time to get ready and start cooking.  Steaks, corn, spinach casserole, the BIGGEST baked potatoes (stuffed with onion and wrapped in bacon before baked), and rolls.  Amazing dinner!!!  And yes we grilled steaks in below freezing weather, the snow had stopped so we thought it was ok.  We hung out with friends and laughed at the silliness of our friends 2 year old and made it to bed at what we thought was a decent hour.

Sunday we drove home, the drive isn't bad just about an hour and a half, but after a fun filled weekend I was ready for a nap.  My nap lead to a very unproductive Sunday night but it was a well deserved weekend of rest and relaxation.  I'm ready for the next ranch weekend and a surprise birthday party for a friend.

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