Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Funk...

Have you ever been in a funk??  Just downright not in a good mood??

That's me lately...maybe it's the pressure of trying to finish school for the semester.  Or the fact that my plans for Vegas got totally changed.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm alone during the holidays again and that doesn't seem joyful to me.

I get mad at people very easy...people at work, people driving down the road, people taking to long in drive-thru lines.  Cry?  I can cry at just about anything these days...I cried watching The Nanny on Nick at Nite last night...I mean really?!

I've got TONs of work to do to finish a school project and, really, my give a shit is busted.  I've got friends coming to town this weekend (which is the ONLY thing getting me thru the week) and I wanted to have my house decorated for Christmas before they got here...not happening.  Truth be told I'm not sure my house will be decorated this year, I just don't see a point because no one sees it.

I love Christmas, I really really do.  I love finding the perfect gifts for everyone and watching them open them.  I love getting gifts (no one can lie and say they don't).  I love going to look at all the pretty Christmas lights. 

For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to put on a good front and not take my attitude to work and get mad at people when they do something to annoy me.  But let's face it...when you're at work more than at home that's a little difficult.  I apologize and I move on with my day.

So, it's one more week of school then off to Vegas for 4 days to hopefully calm myself and maybe find a cute cowboy or two!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Back at work today after spending last week at home catching up doing homework.  I was off of work but you would definitely not call it a vacation.  Working 45 plus hours a week and trying to keep up with 3 classes at school is almost more than I can handle this semester.

I had 16 homework assignments to do and it seems that even though I worked all day everyday for a week I still have tons to do.  I will power through it and get it all done this week...I better because school is almost done for the semester.

Thanksgiving was very low key this year with it being only my parents and I...and 2 delicious bottles of wine.

And some good time spent with friends over the weekend.  I was glad to get back to work today and back to a somewhat normal schedule. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Weekend

My weekend was way too short!!!  Of course most of them are but this quick trip to Lubbock wore me out.  I had a blast and I am so happy that I went but I was extremely ready to be home last night.

I'd been "planning" this trip to Lubbock for about a week...ok really for almost a month but I mean really planned for about a week.  I woke up Thursday morning to a Facebook message from my BFF's husband saying that I should make a "surprise" trip to Lubbock for the weekend.  We had forgot to include him in the conversations about me going out there...OOPs!!!

I took the day off Friday and spent the early morning hours packing and was on the road by 8 AM for the 5 hour drive.  I was making good time...I was impressed with the 20 MPG my truck was getting (it's an 09 3/4 Dodge diesel)!!  I hit Clovis NM...and my check engine light comes on!!  Fortunately I made it to Lubbock and when I got ready to leave yesterday it just went off so I'm not sure what that was.

I got to Lubbock and was met by my most favorite and adorable 3 year old boy EVER!!!  And then watched him dance to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" ALL weekend long.

The sweet little boy raids his 8 year old brothers closet for some "better dancing clothes".  He studied the LMFAO video intently trying to figure out their moves.  Child can wiggle!!!
So my BFF has 3 boys...ages 3, 8, and 17.  The oldest is a senior in high school...Friday at 5 PM was his last high school football game.  They missed making the playoffs by one stinking game!!  We were all so upset they weren't making it to playoffs but they played their hearts out Friday night and won the game.  And my boy....he had an AMAZING interception!!!

This picture shows all of the emotion we had all night.  A mother and her first born consoling each other during the move to a new phase in life.  I seriously cry just looking at this picture today!  Baby boy is hoping to get on at West Texas A & M!  We are anxiously awaiting more news on that!

We spent the evening sitting on the back porch listening to the wind and doing what BFF's do.  We talked about everything...and about nothing.  The night was supposed to take us to an Aaron Watson concert but after my long drive and the game we were completely worn out and decided to stay in.

Saturday we spent the morning and early afternoon eating and shopping.  If you're ever in Lubbock, you need to make a trip to Coyote Candle Company!!  They don't have a website and this makes me sad.  They have so many amazingly cute things to look at and buy.  I ended up bringing home 3 new items from there this weekend.

My new clock!!!  I die!  The candle holders on the lower shelf came from Coyote Candle Co a few trips back!  I also purchased a tin tea light holder with cross cut outs and a little cake platter thing.  It currently sits beside my sink housing my Christmas hand soap and lotion! 

Saturday night ended with steak and shrimp on the grill and us girls watching Magic Mike!  I hadn't seen the movie yet and I loved it!

Sunday mornings in Lubbock make me sad!  I know that I must return home and I absolutely HATE that feeling.  I usually spend most of the 5 hour drive home in tears wishing I could turn around and go back.

Our tradition has been to meet up with another friend from Lubbock at Hooters on my way out of town and enjoy a nice girls lunch.  This trip didn't dissapoint.  We spent 2 hours in Hooters just talking and laughing and making friends with our waitress.

Unfortunately that 2 hour lunch made my trip home seems extremely long and it was way past dark when I got home.

A NM sunset was the best part of the drive home!

I got home and finished my night putting together my new vanity that I've had in my garage for 3 weeks and relaxing in bed.

Two weeks and the BFF will be here to visit!!!  I cannot wait.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good News / Bad News

The Good News: I voted!!  I actually voted a couple of weeks ago.

The Bad News:  I'm going to be on pins and needles all day wondering the final outcome of this election.  Our future depends on the right outcome.

The Good News:  My class got cancelled today.  I don't have to drive across town today!!!
The Bad News:  Because class was cancelled I decided it was not necessary to do my homework which means I have lots of homework tonight.
The Good News:  I've still got a huge smile on my face.
The Bad News:  I was up until 3:30 (the alarm goes off at 4:30) smiling because of that one person that can make me smile right now.
The Good News:  I'm heading on a mini vacation (Lubbock) soon.  Get to see my bestest friends and introduce them to a new friend?!!  Best time ever!!!
The Bad News:  Driving 10 hours in 3 days to get there and back.  I'm not happy with all the windshield time.
The Good News:  I've got some good music to keep me awake today!!!  And that's all!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Weekend

I'm linking up with Sami for the first time...let's see how this goes.
First and foremost I'm smiling this Monday morning.  I went to bed with a smile, I woke up with a smile.  Let's see if we can keep this going for awhile.
this is so true sometimes... (via)
I was out of town this weekend helping a friend move.  She was moving about 30 miles from one ranch to another.  You never realize how much stuff one person can fit in a 2 bedroom house...until you have to move.
We spent ALL DAY Saturday packing boxes and loading the stock trailer full of "stuff".  Yes when you live like we do you move in a stock fancy U-Haul truck for us.
Fortunately after a hard day of packing we were able to relax and enjoy some yummy posole and green chile chicken enchiladas with some friends.  We spent the rest of the night enjoying some refreshing Coors Light and a hot tub that did wonders for sore moving muscles.
Yesterday, after sleeping for what seemed like forever Saturday night, we woke up and stumbled around the house getting ready and making some fantastic breakfast (we eat AMAZING out at the ranch).  We spent the rest of the morning/midday unloading the trailer in to the new house.
You can't make a trip to the ranch without stopping at our favorite Cantina so we stopped in for a late lunch and a yummy margarita on our way home.  I made it home just in time for it to get dark (dang Daylight Savings Time) and spent the rest of my evening relaxing on the couch.
A great weekend spent with loving friends...even if we were moving it was fun.  We planned our New Years' celebration this weekend we just have to wait for it to be here and enjoy an evening at the ranch for New Years'!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Friday...

I keep saying I'm going to get better at this blogging thing and do it more far I've failed.

On to another Friday's Letters with Ashley.

Dear Friday.  You took a long time to get here and I wasn't very patient waiting for you.

Dear Weekend.  Please don't go by to quick.  A weekend at the ranch is on the agenda and I don't want to miss a thing.

Dear Ranch.  I will miss you when we move everything away from there but we will sure be back to visit soon.

Dear Cattle Sale.  Please run smoothly, and don't last all night.  I'd like to start my weekend at the ranch sooner rather than later.

Dear November.  I have mixed feelings about you right now.  I love you and want you to stick around but I'd like you to hurry up so I can head to Vegas in December.

Dear Me.  You've been stressing a lot lately.  Work, school, life in general has your emotions going crazy.  Slow down...take a breath and enjoy life.  Embrace it!!