Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog Swaps!!!!!!

I've been trying to get more into this whole blogging thing.  I really enjoy is my outlet lately.  I still have tons to learn and it's going to take time but I'll get there.

I got involved in two really awesome exchanges for Christmas.

First up was the ornament swap!  I got paired up with Denise and was so excited to do this exchange!  Check out her blog to see what I sent her!!

She got me the cutest set of angel wings!!!

And this the cutest story along with them.  Unfortunately, I'm at work today and didn't bring that with me...maybe I'll remember to share it later!

I loved this exchange and it was so nice to email back and forth with Denise!

Next I did the Holiday Swap with Linny's Vault and got paired up with Gini.  It was so so fun emailing her back and forth and learning about her life with her family full of boys!  It's amazing what you can really learn about someone without ever "meeting" them.  She got me some really amazing stuff!!

A super cute "Merry Christmas" tray, a blinged out picture frame, a beautiful star ornament and some sparkly nail polish!!  Best of all were the cute Texas Longhorn band aides that I'm sure she was super embarrassed to be seen carrying them around but I LOVE them. 

Thank you both for the amazing things!!!

Christmas Time!!

Christmas came and went this year without any major celebration.  It was just my parents and I for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we'll celebrate with my brother and his girlfriend (and her kids) this coming weekend.

All the presents I bought and wrapped this year.

We always open presents at my parents house on Christmas Eve and did so this year just the three of us.  We all came away with some pretty cool stuff.  My favorite by far was a cute cutting board!
A boot shaped cutting board!!!  Me loves!!!
I spent tons of time reading!  I read the Twilight series this month finally...finished all 4 books in 3 weeks.  I have to say I'm sad that it's over because I'm not sure how to spend my evenings now.
Apparently Harley likes Twilight too!!!  I couldn't keep him off of my book.
I spent part of my four day weekend sick in bed with the flu and I still don't think I'm 100% over it but I'm powering through for the sake of work and for the fact that this weekend is NYE weekend and I have BIG plans!!
With lots of food...and lots of love...and lots of booze (even though I was sick) it was a great four day weekend and an AMAZING Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Life Lately...

it's been crazy I can say that for sure.

I built a bridge...well a model bridge.  I help build the real ones everyday.

I built this for my statics class at school.  It weighed about a pound and withheld 35 pounds of weight before the bottom broke loose from the top.  Not as impressive as some of the others but I was pretty proud.
With that bridge...I finished school for the semester!!!  Only 3 classes left and I'm done with this degree.
I put up my Christmas Tree...

This is one thing I didn't think I'd get done this year.  I'm not home often and it just didn't seem worth it but of course I couldn't go with out.  I didn't get much else decorated but a tree helps.
I bought some gifts for the blog exchanges...and mailed them out late.  Oops...major failure but they are shipped now.  Sorry for the delay.
I went to VEGAS!!!!  And this is why my gifts were shipped late.  Every year I spend 4 or 5 days in Vegas for the NFR and have a blast.  Never been??  You should try it!  I spent my days shopping, Cowboy Christmas at 2 locations and NRS World at MGM...I couldn't ask for more!!  I bought lots of pretty stuff. (And didn't take any pics).  I watched the live feed of the rodeo at the Excalibur every night.  I gamled a little and drank way too much.
We celebrated my mom's birthday in Vegas.  Two towers of margaritas at Margaritaville...
It's a must in Vegas...maybe not two towers but one at least.  And a cheeseburger!!
I got to watch the rodeo with my mom the last night.  We sat at the bar, played poker, drank, and watched some rodeo action.
I was really glad to be coming home Monday.  It was a very fun but extremely long weekend in Vegas!!
Plus...I got to come home to this cute dog!!!
He was so excited his mama was home!!!


Monday, December 3, 2012

My Weekend

My weekend...was low key and great!!!  My best friend and her 3 year old son came to visit and we had so much fun doing next to nothing.  Of course her coming also got me out of work a couple of hours early on Friday so that always makes a weekend great!

  • Friday night we went to her all time favorite restaurant in Belen (Pete's)...if you are ever in the area (like you'd really be in Belen, NM but maybe Albuquerque) Pete's is the place to go for some really good New Mexican food.  Dinner, 2 margaritas, and some great visiting completed we headed for home.  We stopped at the liquor store to buy some wine (St. Clairs Winery good and a NM wine) thinking that we'd go home and enjoy a few glasses.  One glass of wine later (at 8:45) we were sound asleep!!!
  • Saturday morning breakfast at K & I Diner in Albuquerque before a quick trip up to Santa Fe to the little outlet mall.  K & I makes the best sloppy greasy amazingly good (but not good for you) food. 
  • The Santa Fe outlet mall - not very big...not a lot of stores but enough and the right stores for what we needed.  I bought an amazing leather jacket at Wilson's Leather for $41.99 (originally $150).  And should've splurged on a Coach purse that would've been about $90.  I'm kicking myself for that now.  A few stores we visited were Nike, Ralph Lauren Polo, Under Armour, Wilson's, Gymboree, Coach, and Merrell.  They had a few other stores (Levi's, Guess...) that we didn't go in.
  • After a quick trip to the park for my friends son to burn off some energy we went to the house to relax for a bit before dinner.
  • It was back to Belen to Fat Sats.  Fat Sats is owned locally by a guy I went to high school with and a couple of his family members so we try to head down there and support them occasionally.  Dinner and drinks with friends was fun! 
  • We stayed up later Saturday night, making it all the way to 11 PM!!!
  • Sunday morning we woke up and lounged around the house a bit before heading to a late breakfast and then she had to get back on the road to Texas.
I finished off the weekend building a bridge for my statics class and going to dinner with my parents and my cousin.

Now I'm ready to get thru until Wednesday and get on to Vegas!!!