Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog Swaps!!!!!!

I've been trying to get more into this whole blogging thing.  I really enjoy is my outlet lately.  I still have tons to learn and it's going to take time but I'll get there.

I got involved in two really awesome exchanges for Christmas.

First up was the ornament swap!  I got paired up with Denise and was so excited to do this exchange!  Check out her blog to see what I sent her!!

She got me the cutest set of angel wings!!!

And this the cutest story along with them.  Unfortunately, I'm at work today and didn't bring that with me...maybe I'll remember to share it later!

I loved this exchange and it was so nice to email back and forth with Denise!

Next I did the Holiday Swap with Linny's Vault and got paired up with Gini.  It was so so fun emailing her back and forth and learning about her life with her family full of boys!  It's amazing what you can really learn about someone without ever "meeting" them.  She got me some really amazing stuff!!

A super cute "Merry Christmas" tray, a blinged out picture frame, a beautiful star ornament and some sparkly nail polish!!  Best of all were the cute Texas Longhorn band aides that I'm sure she was super embarrassed to be seen carrying them around but I LOVE them. 

Thank you both for the amazing things!!!


  1. Yay so glad you like the ornament! Aren't blog swaps so fun?!

  2. So glad you loved all of your stuff! I am still completely stoked over my pens. For real! They're awesome. Hope you faked an injury just to use your Longhorn band-aids too. ;)