Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Life Lately...

it's been crazy I can say that for sure.

I built a bridge...well a model bridge.  I help build the real ones everyday.

I built this for my statics class at school.  It weighed about a pound and withheld 35 pounds of weight before the bottom broke loose from the top.  Not as impressive as some of the others but I was pretty proud.
With that bridge...I finished school for the semester!!!  Only 3 classes left and I'm done with this degree.
I put up my Christmas Tree...

This is one thing I didn't think I'd get done this year.  I'm not home often and it just didn't seem worth it but of course I couldn't go with out.  I didn't get much else decorated but a tree helps.
I bought some gifts for the blog exchanges...and mailed them out late.  Oops...major failure but they are shipped now.  Sorry for the delay.
I went to VEGAS!!!!  And this is why my gifts were shipped late.  Every year I spend 4 or 5 days in Vegas for the NFR and have a blast.  Never been??  You should try it!  I spent my days shopping, Cowboy Christmas at 2 locations and NRS World at MGM...I couldn't ask for more!!  I bought lots of pretty stuff. (And didn't take any pics).  I watched the live feed of the rodeo at the Excalibur every night.  I gamled a little and drank way too much.
We celebrated my mom's birthday in Vegas.  Two towers of margaritas at Margaritaville...
It's a must in Vegas...maybe not two towers but one at least.  And a cheeseburger!!
I got to watch the rodeo with my mom the last night.  We sat at the bar, played poker, drank, and watched some rodeo action.
I was really glad to be coming home Monday.  It was a very fun but extremely long weekend in Vegas!!
Plus...I got to come home to this cute dog!!!
He was so excited his mama was home!!!


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  1. My hubs was a little bummed we missed the nfr this year. He really wanted to take me since I've never been. But we were sitting around waiting for our baby to come instead :)
    Yay for almost being done with school!