Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's be Serious...for a moment

Let's get serious here.  I've spent the last couple of days wandering around and trying to function normally all while trying to digest this new information that was presented Tuesday morning.

After 86 years in business the company that I work for will no longer be.  The owner of our company (3rd generation owner) has decided that it is his time to move on for personal reasons.  His sons have no desire at this time to take over the company and he doesn't believe with things that he has going on currently that it is a smart idea to continue.  So, either sell out or close the doors.  The good news is that this could take some time and I will more than likely have a job for the next six months to a year. 

The bad news...well the bad news is this.  Besides the fact that it is extremely sad that this family owned business is doing this.  This family owned business is the only business I know.  See, my grandpa worked here, and then when my daddy got old enough he worked here, and then when it came time for my brother to get a job in high guessed it, he worked here.  Then it came my time and I started working here...15 1/2 years ago.  My daddy has been here for 40 years or so, my brother worked off and on for probably 20 years.  My brother chose to move on about six months ago to move to be with his girlfriend which was a wonderful choice for him.  My daddy, well, his retirement package was set for January 2014.  Me...I have a lifetime left to work and now I have to find some where else to do that.  How do you move on from something that has practically been your life for so long?  I've helped many friends get jobs here and have met some amazing people working here...and now we all have to move on. 

I've cried over it, I've cussed over it, I've drank over it, and I've prayed over it.  I know that I will be fine.  I will move forward and find something new and start this new chapter in my life.  It will bring amazing things...but for now, it sucks majorly to think about it and it stresses me out to think about moving forward.

On another note...I finished my OSHA 30 Hour Construction course this morning.  It took me 6 months to get thru it but it's done and it's something that I can add to that resume that I'm getting ready to have to dust off and pull out.

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