Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid Week Ramblings

Seems that's all I do these days is ramble.

I've got lots on my mind so it's hard to concentrate on any one thing.

  • I've got to start waking up earlier and exercising again!!  I shouldn't be THAT hard to get up at 5 AM...especially because I know I feel better when I do it!!!
  • Organization is really needed in my life right now and I can't seem to do it.  Work...a messy desk, house...a clutter of junk, car...let's not even go there!  My truck is all that is half clean and not covered with "stuff"
  • We've had the first layoff at work from this whole selling or closing down thing.  It makes it even more real.
  • Super Bowl Party; sure why not?!  I don't have anything else that I need to take care of!  Let's plan it at my house and have a blast!  Oh...cook?!  You want me to cook!  I can do that
  • Half Finished Laundry Closet Remodel - I'm half way there...not sure when I'll have time to finish the second part.
  • New TV and TV Stand!!!!  So excited...not to set you up but to watch TV on  you.
  • Boys Lie!!!  That's all
  • I've got the best friends ever!! 
I'm looking forward to a great weekend with some amazing friends!!!  And hopefully get a few things done so my mind will quit wandering so much!

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