Monday, January 28, 2013

My Weekend

My weekend was very low key.  Here it goes...

  1. I ended up "calling in sick" on Friday.  Everyone needs a mental health day now and then and after my week I found it fitting.  I slept in a little (until 7 AM which isn't much).  I finally got all my Christmas stuff up in the attic and I vacuumed and shampooed the carpets in my study where the tree was.
  2. I went and bought paint to paint my laundry closet.  I'm going to post about this later.  Hopefully it's finished soon and I can do that post soon.
  3. Friday I went to lunch with my parents.  We went to Chili's and I had two tall beers (day drinking was ok after my week)...I came home and proceeded to take a two hour nap!!!  Someone has been lacking in the sleep department it seems.
  4. Friday night I went out with some friends.  I hadn't seen one of them since October and she just got engaged before Christmas.  It was good catching up.
  5. Saturday morning I did a lot of laying around and then went to lunch with some family (my dad's second cousin) whom we hadn't seen in 15 years.  His oldest daughter was born 15 years ago and was a premie.  They lived out of town and were airlifted here to the hospital for better care.  That was the first and only time we'd seen them until Saturday.
  6. Saturday afternoon / evening I stayed home doing laundry and cleaning around the house.  I took the doors off the laundry closet to prep for the painting that I did Sunday.
  7. Sunday was spent finishing laundry and then painting the laundry closet.  After that I treated myself to a new TV.  I went out and bought a new 52" RCA TV.  Just in time for next weeks Super Bowl party.
A very low key weekend but just what I needed.

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