Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out with the Old...

This weekend while boozing it up on the back roads with some of my best friends I vowed that this year would be different.  That I would move on from that ex boyfriend that I love so much but hate at the same time.  That I would move on from the drama that he causes.

We drank A LOT...and drove the back roads A LOT (something like 300 miles of dirt road driving).  And we talked A LOT about the things that would be different this year.  Things will be GREAT this year.

How do I plan to make things great...

1.  Finish school - with only 3 more classes this should be an easy task.

2.  Travel more - at least once a month I will get out of town...even if it's just to the ranch it's a little break from reality and everyone needs that.

3.  See new places - I've traveled quite a bit but I want to see new things and enjoy different experiences.

4.  Be the best me I can be - working out more, eating healthier, loving myself.  I've always said that I will not force myself to a strict diet and feel miserable if I fail at it.  I just try to eat healthier most of the time and be ok if I over do it sometimes.

5.  Find someone - I want to find a guy that I can enjoy spending time with.  One that wants to take me out on dates and will buy me flowers every now and then.  One that really likes me.

6.  Enjoy my friendships - I do this already but I want to make sure everyone knows it.  I want to make my friends feel loved and appreciated.  We're all kind of going through the same things right now and need that extra push to get through it.

7.  Save a little money - while that's hard to do when you like to travel and shop as much as I do, I think it is possible and I will strive to do it this year.

2013 will be great!  It's going to be the year that everything turns around and I have that AHA moment in life where things just fall in to place!

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