Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Decisions Decisions

All of my friends and I have decided that this is the year that we will do the things (ok some of the things) that we've been wanting / needing to do.  Last year we did huge weekend long birthday celebrations for a couple of them.  Me...we did a couple of hours at the little local bar.  Don't get me wrong it was a blast but it doesn't qualify as a GREAT birthday gathering.

So, this year I decided I wanted to go to Lubbock and go out there.  See one of my BFF's lives there and a few of my others live here.  Lubbock gets us out of town and let's my Lubbock bestie be involved.  We've decided we'll do Friday night at her house and Saturday night out to Wild West for a concert. 

Now, I'm not picky which weekend we go.  My birthday is April 21st and I want to go in April but we also have other things going on and so I decided we would pick a concert we want to see and a weekend we could go and adjust accordingly.  I've found out who is playing there three of the four weekends (if I could just find out who was playing the 27th I would be set).

My options...

 Aaron Watson - I've seen him a few times but always a good show.  I actually took a picture with him and he shook my hand and my friends and told her happy birthday.

Bart Crow Band - Haven't seem them.  The weekend they are there just isn't the greatest timing but we can make it work.

Reckless Kelly - I've seen Reckless twice..both at Wild West.  Both great shows...once just about a month ago.  I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

Trish and I at Reckless Kelly!
So now it's just time to decide which weekend we should go.  And hope to find out who is there the last weekend!  I mean!!!  What if that's an even better show coming!

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  1. I saw Bart Crow this weekend and thought it was really good! But it really is hard to beat a Reckless Kelly concert!!