Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vacations...Part 1

Last fall a group of friends decided that we would spend this year taking vacations.  Nothing big but lots of little trips.  Of course, most of these trips would turn out to be trips we wanted to take from April through the first part of July. I'm talking lets mash every trip we can in to three and a half months right!?

So the plans...

  • April - I posted about it before here, we are planning a trip to Lubbock.  We're still not sure which weekend.
  • April - this weekend, while having an impromptu party at my house, we were told by some friends that our presence was being requested in Waynoka, OK the first weekend of April.  Some big sand dune festival or something...I'm not sure.  We were just told that it was bound to be a good time with our group.
  • April - Branding weekend at a friends ranch up north.  That's always a fun trip and we are pretty much expected to be there.  Now, with everything else going on and needing to home some on the weekends to work there is a question if we can go or not.
So, that would be three trips in April, leaving one weekend free, that weekend would end up having to be my best friends mothers birthday which kind of makes us need to be home.  The question is can we afford to be gone 3 weekends in one month.  Not only financially but physically? 

  • May - Graduation in Lubbock, TX.  My longest best friends son (got that?), he's growing up and graduating at the end of May.  There is NO way I can miss this.
  • May - Annual trip back home to Oklahoma.  My parents make this trip every year...I make it about once every 3 years.  We spend a week at Tenkiller Lake then move to Green Leaf Lake for a family reunion.

This family reunion is always at the same time...the weekend right after Memorial weekend.  Well, that happens to be the same weekend as the Lubbock graduation.  I've decided I'm going to drive to OK with my folks then drive back with my brother and get straight to Lubbock, then some how, magically get home.  I'm thinking flying but I hate that flight, with layovers it's a longer flight than it takes to drive.

Right now there is nothing else scheduled for May.  I'm ok with that, these two trips puts me away from home for a week and a half.  I'm sure we will squeeze in lake weekends or ranch weekends somewhere in there.

Up next...June and July vacations!  That's entirely too much drama right now.

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