Monday, March 4, 2013

Vacations...Part 2

OK...I lied!  There are only 2 trips planned for May.  We also have Beth's birthday...out at the ranch.  It's no doubt going to be a good time.  This will just be a quick weekend trip, nothing fancy, and some days at the ranch you don't even have to get out of your pj's.

So, June, it isn't horribly busy.  Amy graduates and we are going to make a 3 day trip to Ruidoso, NM to celebrate that and relax and enjoy the cooler mountain weather.  I just now actually booked our cabin.  If you're ever looking to go to Ruidoso and rent a cabin I suggest booking through Condotel Vacation Rentals, they are absolutely awesome to work with.  We used them last year, a couple of us searched for days on the Internet looking for a perfect cabin for our group, finally we called them and had the cabin of our dreams booked within minutes.  Last year we stayed in the La Posada De Ponder house and it was amazing, unfortunately we waited around a few weeks too long this year and it was completely booked. 

I'm already so excited for this trip and ready to start meal planning!  We take all of our own food and don't usually eat out at all.  We enjoy our time visiting and cooking and grilling and sitting in the hot tub!  Last year, due to some really bad equine quarantine (VS) some people had to back out of the trip.  This year we are expecting 6 or 8 people but have room for 12 in this amazing cabin.
June is surely to be full of lake and ranch trips as well.  And there may be a Lubbock visit or two as well. 
In July we will be headed to Colorado for a week of camping, riding 4-wheelers, fishing, and I'm sure a lot of eating and drinking.  This is an awesome annual trip that has grown over the years.  It started 27 years ago with 2 families and has now grown to 4 or 5 families and tons of friends.  There are 5th wheels and tents EVERYWHERE in our camp! 
I'm so excited for all these fun and amazing trips!  I've also found out in the last couple of weeks that my best friend from Lubbock and her 2 boys will be coming to stay with me this Saturday!  They will be here a whole week and I cannot wait to spend some much needed time with them.  And then, in April my best friend neighbor (she was my neighbor then had to move back to Michigan) is coming to visit and stay with me for a week in mid-April.  I can hardly wait!!!!
Life will be crazy busy but so amazing with all of my friends!

Friday, March 1, 2013

So God Made a Stock Show Kid

Everyone saw the Paul Harvey Super Bowl commercial..."So God Made A Farmer".  I couldn't stop watching that for days.  Yesterday while wasting my day away on FaceBook (I should've been working), I saw this commercial.  It's completely accurate and I just felt the need to share it. 
So God Made A Stock Show Kid...