Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Went Out Last Night...

And the night before...and the night before that...and the night before that! get the point.  Life has been super crazy as of late and I LOVE it!  Absolutely LOVE it!

So, my BFF came home from Michigan for a long weekend. it's really not home to her anymore technically but it really should be.  I met Jeni when she was my next door neighbor 7 years ago.  We became such good friends in the few years she lived there and then she was forced back to her real home in Michigan.  I hadn't seen her in 3 years and all of a sudden...BOOM!!!  She was back in my life for a short 6 day vacation.

Friday I called in sick and her and I went shopping.  We spent some time in Old Town looking at the little shops and I really forgot how great some of them are.  It's amazing the things you forget about when you live here. 

We all got together and went to Graham's Central Station and watched a local artist play some awesome music.  And then part of us decided to head to the Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall since Jeni had never been.  We had a blast that night and turned in semi early around 1 AM.

On Saturday we decided to all get together and cook and hang out at my house.  We spent the morning being lazy and the afternoon grocery shopping and prepping for the party.  Complete failure for trying to take pictures that night but in my defense there were 15 or so of us sitting in a circle in my garage drinking and listening to music and telling old stories.  I got one picture the entire night...

This is a normal windy cool night messy hair look.  Oh!  I did get some other pictures that night but might get beat if I posted them on the Internet.  I had 5 or 6 bags of old clothes to get rid old I mean I've had them for awhile but some still had tags on them.  Well, you put 4 girls in my garage with 6 bags of free clothes and it gets a LITTLE crazy!!!  These girls were trying on clothes over their clothes and fighting over clothes and we all had a laugh or two at some of the items that were in those bags. 

Saturday night ended with good food, good friends, and good drinks at about 1 AM.

Sunday was a relax day.  We had no plans except to take Jeni to see my parents.  Which ended up with us a pig sale.  What, you don't randomly end up at the local pig sale?  My brother and his family were in town and ended up by 2 pigs to add to the 6 that they already have.  Show pigs...who needs 8 of them.  Truth be told I really wanted to buy one and keep it in my back yard.  They're super cute when they are little!  And holy expensive!!!!  $550 for a pig!!! 

The day ended a little like this...

Monday morning I ventured to work for a bit and then spent the afternoon visiting with friends and relaxing.  Bobbie and Lacey came over to hang with Jeni and I and we ended up staying up far too late for a week night after a long weekend. 

Tuesday was a sad sad day when I had to take Jeni back to the airport to fly home to Michigan.  We tried like crazy to find a way to keep her here but decided her kids wouldn't be too happy about that!

As sad as I was I've got plenty to look forward to.  I finished school almost 2 full weeks early on Tuesday so I'm free from that until the first part of June.  And I'm packing tonight to head to Lubbock tomorrow.  Of course with my birthday being Sunday we can't not go out tonight and pre-celebrate with my parents so after a few beers and good company I will pack!

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