Thursday, May 16, 2013

Packing and Procrastination

I am the world's worst procrastinator when it comes to packing.  Maybe I'm just lazy and like to come home and sleep instead of pack, either way, packing for my two week trip is not getting done!  And I leave Saturday so I better get at it.

Packing really isn't that bad...if you're going somewhere for a few days and staying in that one location.  Here's my problem, I'm driving to Texas and staying there for 6 days (Saturday thru Friday) then I fly to Oklahoma on Friday and stay there until Wednesday then fly back to Texas and stay there until Sunday.  So, I've got to pack for both places and have enough to take to both places.  I know I can wash clothes and I fully intend on having to do so.  However, I am a woman and we all know that we over pack.  I mean, what if I don't feel like wearing what I "intended" to wear a certain day.  What if I have a super fat day, or if the weather gets crazy and turns cold again, or or or...I don't know but packing SUCKS!

I mean...we're going to best friends' sons' graduation one night and I tried on these dresses to wear...but couldn't decide which to wear.  Guess what?!?!  They're all getting packed.  But wait...

This is even better...right?  This may be it, it may be the best outfit for graduation!  So...they all get packed just incase. 

And then...then there is a dedication at the church for this amazing graduate.  Tell me, what does a girl who doesn't normally attend church wear?!  Well...

After trying on, oh, maybe 18 million outfits, I decided on this.  Hope it works ok because I did not pack options for this!

And this...this is what 14 days worth of clothes looks like.  Except, there is no swim clothes or sleep clothes or jeans and a sweatshirt just incase it gets cold clothes.  And no workout clothes, because realistically, those won't get used much on this trip!

Here's to finishing packing, two weeks vacation, and lots of fun in the sun!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Recap

Things have been busy and I don't expect them to slow down anytime soon.  HELLO SUMMER!!!  I know it's not officially summer until June but I started summer break early and it's summer to me!

I knew I was going to finish the spring term a week early and went to class the week before and ended up finished 2 weeks early!

Since then...

There's been lots of driving for work and for fun.
 Bobbie & I at Buffalo Wild Wings

 The group at Buffalo Wild Wings
I gathered up my bestest friends and drove to Lubbock to celebrate my birthday.  It didn't hurt that my favorite nephews birthday is two days before mine and we got to celebrate his with him.

We spent the day with the kids and relaxing and then the evening with the grown ups at the bar.  We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and appetizers then ventured off to Wild West to see The Bart Crow Band!  It was so fun!  And a good friend I hadn't seen in at least 3 years came out to celebrate with us.

Now, the drive home Sunday...was miserable!  I was hung-over and 5 hours in the truck was not my ideal place to be but we survived. 

This past weekend was very low was nice and unexpected but just what I needed. 

This weekend I'm headed to the ranch to celebrate another friends birthday then home for two weeks and then some more traveling.  The next few months will be crazy but so worth it.