Monday, June 10, 2013

So Much to Do...

Getting back in to the swing of things after being off for two weeks has proven to be a little difficult.  I had THE BEST 2 week vacation ever.  And while I was very glad to get back to a normal routine I was extremely sad to be leaving my best friend and her family in Lubbock.  I'm hoping to get pictures out of my camera and downloaded early this week and post a recap...let's see if I can make that happen.

Like I said, it's proven to be difficult getting in to a routine again.  I got home on Sunday and by Tuesday was packing another bag (just an overnight trip) and headed back across the state for work.  Needless to say, that totally messed up my week and had me scrambling for time to get things done.

You see, while on vacation my summer semester of school started and while one class is an on-line class I missed the first two weeks of class time in my Physics class, and that, isn't a really smart thing to do.

I spent last week trying to catch up on sleep, catch up on homework, get laundry done and get my house back in order.  I made a mess of my house while getting ready to leave on vacation and need to get it back together.

So why so much to do...well I'll be headed out of town again this weekend for a little get away to celebrate a friends college graduation and I need to get homework done and packed for that and then I have company coming in to town the following weekend so my house needs to be in order.

My to do list...

1.  Finish laundry and get it all put away.
2.  Clean house
3.  Grocery Shopping for this weekends trip
4.  Physics homework (2 assignments)
5.  Accounting homework (3 assignments)
6.  Upload pictures from vacation
7.  Clean out / wash truck
8.  Clean out / wash car
9.  Work on my resume (that's a whole other post as well)

I think that's it...we shall if the list grows and if I get it all done. 

Here's to hoping I get it done!!

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  1.'s SO hard to get back into the swing of things! I had two months off and it's about to kill me being back at work! Hope you get everything all done and can relax and recover from your vacation!