Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rodeo de Galisteo

A weekend with no photos...not much different than most weekends around here.

This past weekend was the 42nd Annual Rodeo de Galisteo and a weekend for the books.  My BFF and I...I mean we do almost everything together so why would this be different, made the short drive to Galisteo, NM Saturday morning to visit with and help some great friends and enjoy a rodeo weekend.

I haven't been to a rodeo in years.  I mean...probably 7 or 8 years at least.  I used to go all the time, my ex was a bull rider, that's what we did.  I mean, I've been to all day long team roping's and weeknight team roping practice so I guess that's kind of a rodeo but I mean a full on rodeo...years.

A great friend of ours is the stock contractor for this rodeo and his sister is the rodeo secretary and our other friend was the photographer so we knew it wouldn't be all fun and games and relaxing but it would be fun.  I was set up to be the lovely assistant to the photographer complete with computer and printer out in the dirt and wind...and rain. 

We worked, we ran, we got a little sun and most importantly we had a blast!  Seriously, it's weekends like this that make me the happiest.  I saw friends I hadn't seen in a long time (we had seen the stock contractor in over a year), we laughed at the stupidest things, we laughed at each others expense.  I mean, we rode in the back of the truck to go to a post-rodeo party down the road.  The stock contractors dad and his wife loaded 8 of us up in the bed of his truck and drove us down the road to a post-party. 

I came home exhausted but so happy with life.  Weekends like that rejuvenate me, they make me remember who I really am.  They make me realize what makes me really happy. 

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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Lately life has been hectic.  Not a horrible hectic but full of all kinds of stuff.

1.  Studying - Taking Physics and Accounting in a summer term when I'm not used to those kind of classes wasn't the best idea!  I'm struggling through the homework and maintaining a B in both classes with only 3 weeks left until the term is up.

2.  Working - I have slow days that drag and drag (today is one of them) and then I have crazy busy days that just fly by.  I wish I could level these days out but sometimes that just doesn't happen.  I haven't started the job hunt yet but I guess I need to get on that soon.

3.  Housework/Yardwork - This has been pretty non-existent lately.  I need to get caught back up.  I did do a deep cleaning on my bedroom and bathroom Sunday and I got all of  my laundry done and put away!  That is a major deal at my house, I can go months without getting laundry put away, I'll wash it and dry it and then leave it in a basket.

4.  Vacation - I've been doing plenty of vacationing.  We spent 3 days in races, hot tubs, and good friends.  It couldn't be beat.  We then spent 5 whole days camping in the mountains near Pagosa Springs, CO.  And by camping I mean us girls slept in a tent and my folks had their 5th wheel decked out with everything anyone may ever need. 

The picture isn't the best but that is about 50 elk down in a was awesome to see. 

About a 10 mile drive from our camp you can take a 1/2 mile walk to this really cool waterfall.  People actually swim at the base of it and jump off some rocks off to the side.  The water is way to cold for me to do that these days.

The beautiful view driving to the waterfall...don't mind the crack in my windshield.
That trip left me with this dirty truck that the car wash and numerous nights of rain hasn't totally cleaned. 
5.  One of my good friend's fathers passed away last week.  We took time to mourn him and then celebrated life with a great group of people.  Some people I hadn't seen in 15 years.  I love friends that can still get together after that long and just pick back up where we left off.
In NM this is how we dress for funerals...jeans and boots.  It was the first time I had put on jeans in about a month. 
Next up...I'm going to get my hair done tonight.  I haven't been since late March / early April so it's getting desperate.
I cannot decide what to do with it.  The left is what I normally do.  The right was a spur of the moment change a while back.  I think I'm just going to stick with my normal.

This weekend we are headed to a rodeo about 2 hours north of home.  Sleeping in the front seat of the truck Saturday night...I haven't done that in years.  It should be exciting.
In two weeks we will all be going back to Ruidoso for another 3 day weekend.  It is my "make-up birthday" weekend.  Full of presents and everything. I cannot wait for that trip.  And at that same time I will be finishing up school so it will be a nice little break.