Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Things

Thursday!!!  The last day of the work week!  I'm so ready for the weekend!

1.  Guys - Why do they have to be so stinking confusing!?  Why can't they just let their feelings be known?!  And why are they so freakin' indecisive?!  They like you then they don't, they want to hang out (they say they do at least) and then they never do.  Then they stop texting and all of a sudden on a random Wednesday night, every single guy that you've spoke with and tried to date over the last 8 month period texts you all at once. 

2.  Speaking of guys...I bit the bullet and signed up for a couple of days ago.  My best friend did it and has had pretty good luck so I thought I'd give it a try.  I mean...especially since guys (mentioned in # 1) drop off the planet more often than not.  Maybe I'm being too picky but I've not had the outcome I'd wished for.  I know it's only been a couple of days...and I've met one guy but he lives 300 miles away.  I'm considering deleting my account...just not sure the online dating thing is for me.

3.  Work - Work is still so slow!!!  Of course that is to be expected but it's driving me crazy!  I did apply for a job last week.  I'm hoping that will go well.  I need to find some others to apply for just to keep the ball rolling.  Job hunting is so stressful.

4.  School - Only six more days in class!  The closer I get to the end the less motivated I get to finish.  I think just knowing that I'm so close to not having homework and to go sit in class has got me antsy to finish.  I took my mid-term last Friday and think I did pretty well.

5.  House Work - Why do I have such a hard time making myself keep up with this?  I really need to do some major cleaning this afternoon.  I'm hoping to tackle most of it today.

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