Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 Days of Being Thankful...I'm a Little Behind

With nothing going on all weekend I somehow didn't find a chance to post any of these.  So here we go...the things I've been thankful for over the last five days.

Day 8 - Alone Time - I spent Friday night home alone and while I sometimes think that is the worst possible thing I was kind of happy for it Friday night.  It gave me time to cope with things and wrap my head around things that are coming soon and quickly.

Day 9 - Distractions - Saturday I distracted myself with Sonic ice tea and Target.  I've been waiting on an email that I was supposed to receive by Saturday and had spent the majority of the week refreshing my email approximately every 5 minutes.  Saturday's distraction took my mind off of it and allowed me to enjoy an hour long shopping trip at Target.

Day 10 - Friends - This should be on my thankful list every single day.  I don't know where I would be without my friends.  We don't see each other every day and sometimes even every week...and some I don't live close enough to even see once a month but I've got a group of the GREATEST people supporting me and making me laugh.  Life wouldn't be the same without them.

Day 11 - Naps - Apparently life has gotten me down and just completely exhausted lately.  I got home from work and put away some laundry and was just going to sit down for a few minutes.  That turned in to a very amazing almost two hour nap.  With not getting much sleep at night lately I was very thankful for this nap.

Day 12 - Family - Along with friends, my family needs to be on the list daily.  I don't have a big family but I have the biggest hearted family I could ever wish for.  They push me to be better, they encourage me to do my best, they let me complain about things all too often...they are there through everything. 

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