Thursday, November 7, 2013

So Thankful

I missed yesterday I somehow just let the day get completely away from me.

Day 6 - yesterday I was thankful for the fact that my daddy and brother and all of the other men in my life have taught me to be self-sufficient.  I replaced (by myself) the turn signal bulb on my truck and the air filter.  I do the air filter all the time but the bulb was a new experience.  And if it hadn't been for "my men" teaching me that I can do those things, I would still be driving around with a blinker out. 

Day 7 - today I am thankful for new beginnings.  As sad as I was/am (I'm not sure if I'm still real sad most days) about my company closing I'm realizing how great this opportunity is.  I have a second chance at a career...a fresh new start.  I had a second "interview" Monday and I'm just waiting to hear back...hopefully I will get good news soon.

And just because when I saw this a couple of nights ago I couldn't quit laughing!  Three wise men...
3 Wise Men sign funny Christmas sign funny by TheFlyButterFactory, $4.95

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